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Apex Tournament Arrives!
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It's time for the community to prove who is at the very top of their game, who has the best skills, and who can deal the most damage in the server! What we're really asking is, who is an Apex Legend?

That's right, this time Peaked are hosting a "Kill Race" Apex Legends tournament! With the start of a new season and some changes to the game, maps and legends, this will be an incredible way to kick start Season 8 "Mayhem".

So get your squad together and have a read through the details below:

Format: Trios (cross-platform)


Australia and Oceanic Region: February 27th 2021 (27/3/21) @ 6:30pm AEST
North America Region: February 26th 2021 (26/3/21) @ 6:30pm EST

(teams must be entered by 25th of Feb for all regions)

Scoring: 1 elimination - 1 point
1st place - 5 points
2nd place 3 points
3rd place 1 points

Conditions of entry: $15 entry fee ($5 per person)
Payment via PayPal Friends and Family only. Chargebacks will be banned from future competitions.

Prize Pool: Will be released after the entry cut off date. The more teams that enter, the more...​

Just another Friday update

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Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have had a great week so far, and enjoy the weekend coming

Big things over this weekend and even more to continue in the coming weeks.

We have our first in-house members event with all of our current players, content creators and staff invited to compete in the Warzone Tournament. This will be kicking off tomorrow at 5:30 AEDT to see who can get that bragging crown along with some generous prizes that have been put forward by our amazing community.


1st Place Duo - $100
2nd Place Duo - $50
3rd Place Duo - $25​

It's going to be a great time with everyone, and we are looking to get POV casts on the main Peaked Twitch page, we will share any live links in the discord during the event. Check out the warzone channel for any further information or the Warzone Tournament post in the forums.

Recently we had our hard working Lead Editor, Slaughter, working on some Streamer Features, showcasing the content of a selected streamer for an entire week in a weekly montage. He is currently working on doing a discord community montage, we are still open for submissions, just send a message to...

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