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    Apex Tournament Arrives!

    Please note, we have updated the times to allow for some adjustments to region splits. This will also allow us to get more entries so if you haven't signed up yet, get on it! Australia and Oceanic Region: February 27th 2021 (27/3/21) @ 6:30pm AEST North America Region: February 26th 2021...
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    Apex Tournament Arrives!

    It's time for the community to prove who is at the very top of their game, who has the best skills, and who can deal the most damage in the server! What we're really asking is, who is an Apex Legend? That's right, this time Peaked are hosting a "Kill Race" Apex Legends tournament! With the...
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    cold again. welcome melbourne

    cold again. welcome melbourne
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    Peaked Fortnite Tournament!

    Hypeeeeee! Get that bread boys and girls
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    Just another Friday update

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have had a great week so far, and enjoy the weekend coming Big things over this weekend and even more to continue in the coming weeks. We have our first in-house members event with all of our current players, content creators and staff invited to compete in...
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    Peaked Warzone Tournament!

    Sounds like this is going to be awesome. Can't wait!
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    cold. need coffee.

    cold. need coffee.
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    Any FiveM mappers around?

    Been playing with CodeWalker for the last few days, trying to combine and edits some YMAPs I wonder if anyone else has experience? Would love to collaborate with some people on this project.
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    Weekly Updates

    What is going on everyone? It's been awhile since I properly gave an update and announcement about the current progress and how we are tracking with all the various projects. Currently our CSGO servers have been given some performance upgrades last night which seem to be giving it much faster...
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    When did you start video editing?

    I have been editing on and off for while now but feel like I didn't use the time and tools effectively from the get go. There is so many online tutorials and resources now it so so much easier to create content. How long have you been editing for and what was the latest video you edited? How...
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    DM, 1V1, AIM & AWP?

    Currently looking at switching some of our unused servers into some classic mods. Does anyone have any in particular they would be keen to see? We are interested in doing the DM, 1V1, AIM & AWP but curious if anyone has any other suggestions. Or even which one you want us to get up quickest!
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    I am hoping with the pricing changes between the new cards, maybe some nice second hand 2080s will hit the trade forums now hehehe
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    **UPDATE** Services have resumed as normal. Thanks for the patience while we upgrade your playing experience.
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    **UPDATE** Game servers will be going offline now to complete backup of servers. I will advise when all services have resumed. Current ETA 8:00AM
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    **UPDATE** Hardware has arrived at the office, upgrades will proceed today 23/09/2020 from 10:30PM to 8:00AM Sorry for the delay, we will advise when the services are going down and when they have returned.
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    Whats your favourite dinner?

    As the title says, what is yours? For me, I can't go wrong with Lasagna. Gotta top that
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    03:30AM AEST UPDATE: Servers are now back live, apologies for the downtime and appreciate the understanding.
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    02:30PM AEST UPDATE: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, maintenance is still proceeding. The team has been working hard for the past 12 hours and will get all services back online as soon as possible.