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  1. digitall

    Apex Tournament Arrives!

    It's time for the community to prove who is at the very top of their game, who has the best skills, and who can deal the most damage in the server! What we're really asking is, who is an Apex Legend? That's right, this time Peaked are hosting a "Kill Race" Apex Legends tournament! With the...
  2. digitall

    Just another Friday update

    Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have had a great week so far, and enjoy the weekend coming Big things over this weekend and even more to continue in the coming weeks. We have our first in-house members event with all of our current players, content creators and staff invited to compete in...
  3. digitall

    Any FiveM mappers around?

    Been playing with CodeWalker for the last few days, trying to combine and edits some YMAPs I wonder if anyone else has experience? Would love to collaborate with some people on this project.
  4. digitall

    Weekly Updates

    What is going on everyone? It's been awhile since I properly gave an update and announcement about the current progress and how we are tracking with all the various projects. Currently our CSGO servers have been given some performance upgrades last night which seem to be giving it much faster...
  5. digitall

    When did you start video editing?

    I have been editing on and off for while now but feel like I didn't use the time and tools effectively from the get go. There is so many online tutorials and resources now it so so much easier to create content. How long have you been editing for and what was the latest video you edited? How...
  6. digitall

    DM, 1V1, AIM & AWP?

    Currently looking at switching some of our unused servers into some classic mods. Does anyone have any in particular they would be keen to see? We are interested in doing the DM, 1V1, AIM & AWP but curious if anyone has any other suggestions. Or even which one you want us to get up quickest!
  7. digitall

    Whats your favourite dinner?

    As the title says, what is yours? For me, I can't go wrong with Lasagna. Gotta top that
  8. digitall


    Good evening, All CSGO servers will be going down in the next 15 minutes for approximately 1 hour due to maintenance and updates. I will edit this post once the servers are back online Thank you for understanding. 02:30PM AEST UPDATE: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, maintenance is...
  9. digitall

    Community Games

    What games do you play that are F2P (or cheap enough to justify people buying it for a one off event) and support group play/CO-OP/private lobbies? We are looking at ideas for hosting community games and would like to get a nice rotation without it being a standard Fortnite event or something...
  10. digitall

    New Streamer Guide

    Hey everyone! So I know that many of you have also been through this, have surpassed these limits and are on their way to being the best content creator they can be. Now what about the people who haven't started yet? The ones who are not sure of what to do and where to go to get the streaming...
  11. digitall

    Fire Playlist

    Let's all drop some youtube/spotify links to help other members build their own fire playlist. Give us your current favourite, I'll start with
  12. digitall

    Taking me back

    Damn forums making me feel like I am connecting with my roots. Started gfx on various forums about 10 years ago, making sigs and avatars and competing in GFX battles. Since I am in a great mood today, next three people who drop a comment below with your username will get a random signature of...
  13. digitall

    Other servers?

    What other servers would you like to see from Peaked? Currently working on the CSGO section and adding more game modes but interested to look into future ideas. We would love to hear from you and what you would personally like to play
  14. digitall

    v0.3 Bug Fix Log 15/05

    Thanks to everyone who tested the beta platform pre-release. We have now opened it up on the main URL to the public but still under beta versions. * External links now open in new tab * Forum thread title appears at top below server widgets when browsing a thread * Moved out of /dev into / *...
  15. digitall

    Surf maps?

    Just downloaded about 25gb of surf maps. Got a list of 20 or so added, any suggestions for more?
  16. digitall

    Surf Basics

  17. digitall

    TTT Basics

    Basics It's all about versus A small group of Traitors is randomly picked. Together they have to kill all the Innocent. The Innocent do not know who is a Traitor and who isn't. The Traitors must use this fact, because they are outnumbered. TTT or Trouble in Terrorist Town is a gamemode...
  18. digitall


    Congratulations to everyone who has already gotten a trophy achievement. What other achievements would you like to see and aim towards with this feature?
  19. digitall

    v0.1 Currently Known Bugs

    Links for the following do not direct anywhere, they are still to be created or are not ready for private beta yet. No need to report these during testing, I will update this thread once bugs are submitted more than once but are not yet fixed to avoid over reporting of the same issue. Menu Bar...
  20. digitall

    Welcome to the Peaked Closed Beta

    Thank you everyone for checking out the closed Beta. We appreciate all the support and activity during these times. If you have any questions or concerns, send a message to myself or @Nanozke regarding website functionality. Let's change the game