Weekly Updates

What is going on everyone?

It's been awhile since I properly gave an update and announcement about the current progress and how we are tracking with all the various projects.

Currently our CSGO servers have been given some performance upgrades last night which seem to be giving it much faster load times, we will be keeping an eye on the performance over the next few days during heavy use and will see how we can keep improving the experience on any PKD services.

Our FiveM server has been setup in a private-whitelist style. We are accepting whitelist applications through discord tickets with whitelist IDs but the server is still being developed and might have some bugs, please report any issues on the forums so we can track any needed updated ASAP.

Our YouTube and Community Events should proceed back to some sort of usual normal schedule soon with a bit of hiccups along the way, we are always growing in the right direction and adapting to how things in the online, offline and content creation worlds change.

We will be trying to keep up with the weekly giveaway. Prizes are drawn randomly from a spreadsheet but if you have any thing you are interested in seeing up for grabs, let us know so we can see if we can reward you the way you want!

Once again, there is a big platform and network out there we are continuing to build and foster. If you want to get more involved, check out the various resources we have and hit us up!

Much love,
digi xo